Comfort in discomfort

A quote that I heard from a work mentor is that to be successful, “one must become comfortable being uncomfortable”. This is a quote that, after thinking about it and reflecting on my own experiences, I am a believer in. Every time throughout my life, whether it was going to a boarding high school for 11th and 12th grade, understanding the physical and psychological intensity of boxing, traveling to Australia as a 16 year old and meeting new people, or facing fears in human interaction, it is discomfort that sparked my growth as a human being. My mind has been shown different avenues to work in, I have learned that there are many approaches to life, and that happiness can be attained in a variety of ways. People should not be underestimated either, pleasant surprises are often hiding in plain sight. This year, I moved out of the state that I have known as home since 1992, to be in New Jersey. Much more to come, as I pursue my passions of fitness and martial arts training, and teaching others and spreading the love. It will be uncomfortable, and it already has been, and I have already grown a little from it, so I am looking forward to the process.


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